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Our environmental services includes Aquatic Ecology and Biology, Biodiversity Assessments, Capacity Development and Training, Climate Change, Contaminant Monitoring / Agent Orange, Environmental Information Systems, Environmental Management and Monitoring Environmental / Social Impact Assessments, GIS and Mapping, Marine and Coastal Management, Remote Sensing, Social Science and Services sewage services, refuse disposal, sanitation and similar services, reducing vehicle emissions, noise abatement services, nature and landscape protection services and “other” environmental services.

Environmental Services

• Aquatic Ecology and Biology
• Biodiversity Assessments
• Capacity Development and Training
• Climate Change
• Contaminant Monitoring / Agent Orange
• Environmental Information Systems
• Environmental Management and Monitoring
• Environmental / Social Impact Assessments
• GIS and Mapping
• Marine and Coastal Management
• Remote Sensing
• Social Science and Services
• Water Resources Management
• Wildlife and Terrestrial Ecology 

More than 40 Hanell members, at all levels of development, have undertaken specific commitments on environmental services. Most have commitments in several sub-sectors while some have commitments in all sub-sectors.

Compared with other sectors, such as tourism, financial services or telecommunications, the level of environmental services commitments bound under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) is modest. This can be explained, in part, by the prevailing role played by public entities in providing these services. On the other hand, those members that have undertaken specific commitments in this sector account for more than 80 per cent of GDP of all Hanell members. Also, members' policies may be more liberal in practice than what is indicated in their schedules of commitments.

Environmental Services


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